There are numerous types of Work Visas out there and your ability to have a job depends on the terms.

In some cases, countries offer exchange visitor programs designed to promote the interchange of persons, knowledge and sciences. This type of visa usually requires sponsorship and has specific information and requirements. These programs provide practical training, employment, and the sharing of history, culture, and traditions of the participants of the home country.

The Working Holiday Scheme is meant to be incidental to your travels and accordingly thus no more than half of your time traveling should be spent in gainful employment. For more information check out our resources. If you decided not to go on a work exchange program, it is gonna be a bit harder to get a work visa.

First you will have obtain a job offer. Just as with a student visa, the first thing you must have for a temporary work visa is a letter of acceptance. Your employer must furnish you with a piece of correspondence – preferably on corporate letterhead – formally offering you a position with the company. This letter should also contain several other details such as the title of the position and its responsibilities, the salary, the start and end dates, and how many hours a week the position involves. The end date here is particularly important, in light of the governments constant fear of your overstaying the visa – they need to know that this job has a time limit – a date after which it will definitely be over.

In most cases your employer will then need to fill out an application, petitioning for permission to hire you as a temporary employee. Having filled out this form, with the help of your employer and possibly an attorney, you will need to file it with the embassy.

The number of these visas available is finite – that means the government can run out of them. These visas are replenished each year. Once you receive your visa, the government will instruct you on the mechanics of activating it.

Please be aware that the intricacies of applying for a temporary work visa are numerous. We have provided you with only an overview of the process here, so that you will be sufficiently informed to begin your application in earnest. There are also a number of private law firms that specialize in immigration law, and their websites are also informative.