Going through an organization to get your work visa is usually the easiest way to go. These companies do this on a regular basis and will be able to help guide you thru the visa process as well as provide you with support once you arrive in your new country. If you are looking for information regarding the Working Holiday Scheme, click here…

Programs & Work Exchanges
Working holiday programs for young people – for some nationalities, you may need to be a student. We have traveled with BUNAC and have had great success. This is one of the better known and respected work exchange programs. They currently offer work exchange programs to Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa. (*We have actually used BUNAC for work visas to Australia and New Zealand and highly recommend the company.)

Camp America
You might as well get paid for coming to the States. The 30-year-old Camp America places people worldwide in U.S. summer camps.

Council Exchanges
From wherever you are in the world, to wherever you want to go, the Council can help you get a work visa – well, as long as you’re a student, anyway.

Work & travel programs for students and youths. Choose from Europe, Oz, USA, Japan, China and Jamaica.

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF)
Worldwide agricultural work exchange program. Get your hands dirty in exchange for room and board.

Promotes fair exchange (work for room/board) between travellers and hosts who seek help with a range of activities.

Jobfinders & Other Resources
Anywork Anywhere
This cool, swank-looking site clues you in on listings for legit, casual work all over the world, and also gives destination info.

Cool Works
Find leads and openings for jobs in the U.S., as well as listings of organizations that can help travellers who want to work in the States.

Escape Artist
Resources for ex-pats and those looking to work or retire overseas.

Live-in Jobs for Backpackers in the UK
Since 1996, Dee Cooper has been helping travellers find live-in seasonal and summer jobs. The service is free, and she also can help with hotel jobs.

Payaway: Working Holidays and Jobs Abroad
Although “mainly aimed at young Brits,” Payaway has info to help anyone trying to navigate the red tape often involved in getting legal employment outside one’s home country.

Jobs database for travel, tourism and hospitality positions in Australia and New Zealand. make sure you have a working visa before you apply though.

Travellers At Work
Free service links travelers to hundreds of job openings throughout Australia, plus services from mail forwarding to skills training.

Everything you need to know about getting a work visa (temporary or permanent) for a range of countries.