If your wanting to travel to some of the most exotic places on earth, it’s best to visit them when they are in their prime. For example, you wouldn’t want to travel to the tropics in the middle of monsoon season would you?

Just like your hometown, every place has their best time to visit… Here’s a list of some of our favorite places to vacation and the best time to travel.

Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Best April-Oct, worst Jan, Feb. January and February in Amsterdam are nothing but cold and wet. This is a city you want to be able to walk or ride bikes around in… at this time of year you’ll be miserable…
Barcelona, Spain
Best April-June, Sept, Oct, worst Aug.
Berlin, Germany
Best May – Oct, worst Jan, Feb
Brazil, South America. 
Best April-Sept
Cambodia, SE Asia. 
Best Dec- Feb
China, Asia. 
Best May-Oct
Copenhagen, Denmark
Best May- Sept, worst Jan, Feb. In January and February it is nothing but darkness in Copenhagen. You see, they are so close to the North Pole that in the winter they have very long nights and in the summer they have very long days…
Costa Rica, Central America. 
Best Dec-April
Cuba, Caribbean. 
Best Nov-April
Dublin, Ireland
Best May – Sept, worst Jan, Feb
Ecuador, South America. 
Best Oct-May.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Best Apr-Oct, worst in winter.
Egypt, North Africa. 
Best Oct-March
Florence, Italy
Best April-June, Sept – Dec, worst July, Aug
Helsinki, Finland
Best June – Sept, worst Jan, Feb Think about it… Finland is practially in the arctic circle. Do you really want to be there in the middle of winter when you will freeze?
India, South-Central Asia. 
Best Nov-March
Indonesia, South-East Asia. 
Best May-Sep
Israel, Middle East. 
Best spring & autumn
Istanbul, Turkey
Best April – Nov, worst winter
Japan, Far East. 
Best March-May, Sept-Nov
Jordan, Middle East. 
Best spring & autumn
Kenya, East Africa. 
Best Jan-March, July-Sept
London, England
Best May-Sept, worst Jan, Feb.
Madagascar, off South Africa. 
Best May-Oct
Madrid, Spain
Best spring, autumn, worst the rest.
Mali, Saharan Africa. 
Best Nov, Dec
Mexico, Central America. 
Best Nov-April
Morocco, North Africa. 
Best Feb-May, Sep, Oct
Nepal, Asia. 
Best Feb, March, Oct, Nov
Oman, Middle East. 
Best Oct-April
Oslo, Norway
Best May- Sept, worst Jan, Feb Norway… hmmm… VERY COLD IN WINTER! Think about it! You’re better off visiting this place in the summer when its tolerable to be outside.
Papua New Guinea, Australasia. 
Best May-Oct
Paris, France
Best April-June, Sept, worst Jan, Feb, Aug.
Peru, South America. 
Best Apr, May, Sep, Oct
Prague, Czech Rep.
Best Apr-June, Sept, worst July, Aug.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Best June-Aug, worst Jan, Feb. Same thing goes for Iceland. C’mon now, visit these places when they are habitable.
Heidelberg, Germany
Best April-Sept, worst Dec-March
Rome, Italy
Best April-June, Sept, Oct, worst July, Aug.
Seville, Spain
Best Oct-April, worst June-August
St. Petersburg, Russia
Best May-Sept, worst winter.
Stockholm, Sweden
Best May-Sept, worst Jan, Feb
Thailand, SE Asia. 
Best Nov-Feb
Tunisia, North Africa. 
Best March-June, Sept-Nov
Turkey, East Europe. 
Best April-June, Sept, Oct
Venice, Italy
Best Feb-June, Sept, Oct, worst July, Aug.
Vienna, Austria
Best May – Sept, worst Jan, Feb.
Vietnam, SE Asia. 
Best Nov-April
Yemen, Middle East. 
Best Apr, May, Oct, Nov