Unfortunately, not everyone gets along in the world today and thus it isn’t necessarily safe to travel to certain places. Security conditions can change rapidly in different regions and countries, and this underscores the importance of monitoring country-specific travel advisories.

Every government issues their own travel advisories hoping to warn and protect their citizens abroad. It is important to listen to these travel warnings as you don’t want to find yourself stuck in the middle of some civil war and have no way to get yourself out… especially if your government has already warned about being there in the first place!

The general threat of terrorism against Western interests overseas remains high – accordingly, travelers overseas should keep themselves informed of developments that could affect their safety. Terrorists are prepared to strike indiscriminately and unpredictably; actions could involve kidnappings, hijackings, bombings, suicide operations or other acts of violence.

Given the heightened potential for terrorist activity and civil unrest in the Middle East, travelers are urged to register their contact details with the embassy of each country visited in the area.

Here are some of the latest advisories issued by the US State Department… while aimed at informing Americans of dangerous activities abroad, any traveler can heed, and probably should, the advice given here.

Travel Warnings