At first, the idea of train travel conjures up old movies and the ideas of the Orient Express. Well, you can still travel on board the Orient Express, if you have the cash. The rest of us will try and navigate the rail systems of each country.

If it is indeed a great train journey you’re looking for, there are many options… For a real experience take the newly opened Ghan Railroad from Adelaide to Darwin or travel to Russia and hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Train travel today is the adventure you make it. It may only serve to get you from point A to point B or you may choose to spend the night on board one of the luxury trains. Regardless, always get the best ticket you can afford as this is one area you don’t want to skip on. While it may make quite a story of how you didn’t sleep for 36 hours as you cramped yourself in your seat on the way fromPerth to Sydney, but you’ll spend days recovering when you could’ve just upgraded to a sleeper cabin.

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