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  • Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is something that every traveller should have, regardless of where they plan to go or for how long they plan to travel. It’s a simple thing to get and can end up saving […]

  • Getting US Visa

    Travellers visiting the United States for business or pleasure may be eligible to be admitted for 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Travellers who wish to work (including those undertaking journalism assignments), study, […]

  • Work Visas

    There are numerous types of Work Visas out there and your ability to have a job depends on the terms. In some cases, countries offer exchange visitor programs designed to promote the interchange of persons, […]

  • Student Visas

    Tens of thousands of students go abroad each year to study at fine institutions of higher learning. Governments love this exchange of knowledge as long as you stick to the rules. Given that you speak […]

  • Tourist Visas

    Also known as a Visitor Visa – is the least complex of all the visas you can acquire for a visit abroad. Because the government presumes that you are coming only for pleasure or personal […]