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  • Train Travel: Eurail

    A rail pass lets you travel Europe at your pace… It takes you through big cities, small towns, and villages that might not even get a pinpoint on the map. If you plan to tour […]

  • Train Travel: Europe

    The train is the best way to get around Europe. Trains are spacious, go everywhere, and leave on the hour to most European destinations. Taking the train is an easy way to travel, with frequent […]

  • Train Travel: Advice

    Here are some other things to keep in mind when you travel by train throughout the world: Examine your itinerary carefully before you purchase your pass. Flexipass holders may save money and travel days by […]

  • Train Travel

    At first, the idea of train travel conjures up old movies and the ideas of the Orient Express. Well, you can still travel on board the Orient Express, if you have the cash. The rest […]