There’s nothing worse than nagging parents, so keep them off your back and stay in touch. It’s relatively cheap to make international calls today, thus you really have no excuse.

You can buy an international phone card almost anywhere… check your local news agent or internet cafe. There are two different types of phone cards for the most part… you can purchase a prepaid phone card which allows you to call for a certain amount of time or units, based on the country you are calling to, or you can get a phone card that will bill home directly. These phone cards are usually more expensive as there isn’t as much competition out there to keep the rates down.

Something to look for when purchasing a pre paid phone card is the connection fee. Some cards will offer amazing rates like $.02 to the States but have a $2.99 connection fee. That means for every call you get charged nearly 3 bucks… this will run your card down in no time… Other phone cards may have recharge fees or monthly maintenance fees. It’s a good idea to read the fine print before you purchase your prepaid phone card.