If discovering the grandeur of Peru’s Machu Picchu, marvelling at the beauty of the Peruvian Amazon, or enjoying mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine isn’t tantalising enough, then maybe the thought of thousands of litres of Pisco pouring from the main square of Lima will do the trick.

This year travellers should reserve February 1st to celebrate all things Peruvian and all things Pisco Sour as the nation celebrates its Pisco Sour Day, held on the first Saturday of February each year.

Pisco Sour is Peru’s much loved national drink. Made from Pisco, similar to a grape brandy, and combined with lime juice, sugar, ice and whipped egg white, this national firewater has long been a symbol of Peruvian celebration.

The best way to honour the famous cocktail is by visiting the capital city of Lima where the fountain in Plaza Mayor swaps water for Pisco, and some 2000 litres of Pisco spouts fresh into celebrating mouths all day long.

For those unable to visit Peru this February, there is a second chance to enjoy this event in July for National Pisco Day.

The national drink brings locals and travellers together on February 1st for Pisco Sour Day and then on July 26th for National Pisco Day, with dates already locked in for 2015.

Peru’s unique and exquisite cuisine and cocktails continue to entice travellers from around the globe, with Lima being regarded the gastronomic capital of South America and the home to this extravagant Pisco fountain every year.

With more than 6,800 Peruvian festivals throughout the year, Peru invites travellers to join the locals and revel in ancient and modern traditions of this incredible country all year round.

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