Embassies serve many purposes, but you can be sure there is one from your country no matter where you are. Embassies function as diplomatic offices for foreign countries that work to help their citizens travelling abroad, foreign visitors to the country, for educators and students, and for diplomats and ambassadors to the country.

Most embassies are located in the capital of the country, as that’s where all the government stuff happens… like, most embassies are in Washington D.C. for the USA. There are often embassies or consulates, a smaller version of the embassy, in the major cities, such as Los Angeles or New York City.

Remember that you are bound by the laws of the country you are in and your embassy will not be sympathetic if you end up in jail after committing a crime locally, even if such actions are legal in your own country.

Here are some resources to help you find an embassy, whether you’re at home or abroad…

Embassy Locator
a database of embassies and consulates world wide
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