Travel Reviews

No one knows better where you are going then the people that have already been there. Heed the other travelers advice and you could save yourself a lot of time/ effort/ heartbreak/ disappointment.
You name it that’s what The Reviews are for – it’s the ultimate international travel guide!

  • Dirranbandi Diversion

    Location: Toowoomba, Queensland Australia Where the western rivers run is a good drop of red wine. Quite literally. Where the western rivers run is a tasty shiraz cabernet blend grown on the banks of the Balonne […]

  • Discovery Coast Delights

    Location: Discovery Coast, Queensland Australia Cruising along the stretch of tar known as Bruce, heading south from Gladstone for The Town of 1770 and Agnes Water, you can tell you are heading somewhere special. The country inland opens up, the hinterland […]

  • Namoi Hills Cattle Station

    Location: Queensland Australia Namoi Hills Cattle Station has been running backpacker activities for several years. Activities include making your own didgeridoos, helicopter joy flights and overnight horseriding camp-outs. Current owners of the property, Scott and Sally […]

  • Escape to Cooktown

    Location: Cooktown, Queensland Australia    These days Cooktown enjoys a steady flow of visitors, although it is not what you would term over-run. The historical and natural attractions of the town and surrounds are well preserved, offering travellers […]