A visit to Grenada caters to all of the senses. The sweet scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla perfume the air of the Grenadines, the islands that mae up the nation state of Grenada. The nine black-sand and 45 white-sand beaches feel warm underfoot en rout to the cool, crystal clear sea. Colorful fish dart among the underwater coral reefs. The chirping of tropical birds fills the rain forest, and the lilting sounds of steel bands spill out into the city streets.

You can choose from different vacation experiences on the three main islands – Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique – which lie at the southernmost regions of the Windward Islands, off the coast of Venezuela.

The island of Grenada, with its picturesque capital, St. George’s, has long attracted the most attention from vacationers. But its unspoiled sister island, Carriacou, has a slower pace and deserted sugar-white beaches. The island’s many places to dive and snorkel have earned Carriacou the nickname “the Land of Many Reefs”. At scenic Anse La Roche beach, the clear waters reveal colorful coral reefs and outstanding volcanic formations.

Water sports are some of Grenada’s biggest attractions. Snorkellers and scuba divers can choose from a variety of rich sites, including those offshore from the many smaller islands. The Bianca C is the Caribbean’s largest underwater wreck. Sport fishing is another draw; vacationers may return at the end of the day with a blue marlin, sailfish or yellowfin tuna.

Grenada appeals to families and couples with varying budgets. No matter which island you choose to visit, you can fins a range of accommodations from private villas and small, Spanish-style cottages to townhouses and full-service hotels with spas.