Vanuatu is an archipelago of 30 large islands and 70 islets in the South West Pacific, North East of New Caledonia and North West of Fiji, governed as an independent Republic by its indigenous people. The Ni-Vanuatu, as they are known, are a peaceful, gentle race, who enjoy life’s simpler pleasures in a country of unique and diverse customs and culture.

The majority of islands and islets are mountainous and volcanic, with coral beaches, reefs, forests and limited coastal cultivation. The climate is tropical, but moderated by the influence of the oceans and the trade winds.

Tourism provides experiences not found elsewhere in the world – the Pentecost Land Dive and the Toka Ceremony on the island of Tanna are both highlights that draw people from all around the world, together with scuba diving.

The most important islands are Espiritu santo, Malekula, Pentecost, Ambrym, Efate where you find the capital Port Vila and Tanna.