Arkansas is a state near the center of the United States in the South region. It is known as the “Natural State”.

It has great state parks with wilderness comprising broadleaf forests. The northwest boasts the Ozark Mountains while the south and east of the state has flatter land and shows more of its agricultural heritage. The Mississippi River forms the eastern border of the state and gives a great blues music heritage, great country music elsewhere (Johnny Cash was an Arkansan) and folk and bluegrass everywhere. There are wonderful state parks with camping facilities and some with cabins. The Buffalo River has majestic scenery and easy canoe float trips (but go in late spring to be sure there is enough water). The summer is HOT and humid; spring and autumn are wetter but mostly from intermittent heavy rain showers. Winter brings a little snow, but this time of year can still be humid. Spring is tornado season.

The spelling and pronunciation of “Arkansas” (it is always ar-kan-saw) reflect the state’s heritage. The name is a French pronunciation of a Siouxan word meaning “land of downriver people” and was prescribed by law in 1881. It is technically still illegal to mispronounce the name (the law contains a clause stating that “the variation ar-KAN-sas is an innovation to be discouraged”), so be careful!

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