• Antigua and Barbuda: Basic Facts

    Here’s some basic information for you when it comes to travel to Antigua and Barbuda… OFFICIAL NAME Antigua and Barbuda COUNTRY CODE +1 268 CAPITAL St John’s OFFICIAL LANGUAGE English MONEY Antigua and Barbuda’s currency […]

  • Netherland Antilles

    The Netherlands Antilles are a nation composed of several islands in the Caribbean, split into two geographically distant groups: the Leeward Islands east of the Virgin Islands (Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten) and the Windward […]

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

    Caribbean pirates were the rock stars of the early 1700s – written and sung about, gossiped and fantasized about. Most buccaneers were also privateers, or mercenary sailors hired by warring English, Spanish, French and Dutch […]

  • Duty Free Shopping in the Caribbean

    Here’s what to buy when you travel: Bahamas Scottish cashmere sweaters; Bahamian miniature paintings; pineapple, banana and coconut liqueurs; My Ocean scented soaps and candles; Straw Market souvenirs Barbados African influenced batik or “mud cloth” […]