• Hitchhiking in Japan

    Hitchhiking in Japan is the key to true budget travel in the country and the way to escape the country’s ruinously expensive domestic transport costs, where an hour on the Shinkansen can set you back […]

  • Meditation in Japan

    Buddhism entered Japan from China, and although there was an almost continuous flow of philosophical and religious thought between the two countries over many centuries, it can be said that Buddhism arrived in three waves: […]

  • The 88 Temple Pilgrimage

    The 88 Temple Pilgrimage (八十八ヶ所巡り hachijūhakkasho-meguri) is a 1,200-kilometer circuit around the island of Shikoku, Japan. The 88 Temple Pilgrimage is Japan’s most famous pilgrimage route. The circuit loops around the entire island of Shikoku through 88 temples plus an […]