Zambia covers an area of 290,586 square miles in south-central Africa, between Angola, Congo (Kinshasa), Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

The people of Zambia are mostly from the Bantu ethnic group, with about 85% of the population making their living through subsistence farming. Zambia’s largest industry is copper mining and processing, and copper constitutes more than 80% of foreign trade.

In recent years, Zambia has become increasingly popular with tourists seeking an authentic African experience. Among the most popular attractions is spectacular Victoria Falls, which are about twice as wide as Niagara Falls and plunge 355 feet down a narrow chasm, creating the world’s largest sheet of falling water, through a gorge and into a pool called the Boiling Pot.

Wildlife enthusiasts also enjoy the many exotic birds and animals in Zambia’s beautiful national parks, which also contain excellent safari camps and lodges. Tiny Songwe Village perches almost 400 feet above the beautiful Zambezi Gorge.

Most people get to and from Zambia by air or by road. Lukasa Airport is located about 12 miles east of the center of the capital city, Lukasa. By road, the most beautiful drive into Zambia is over the Victoria Falls Bridge. Once inside Zambia, the best way to get around is by car (preferably 4 wheel drive, because many of the roads are unpaved). Private bus lines are available, but long drives over rough roads tend to make bus travel uncomfortable. Train travel is also an option, although routes are limited. Domestic and charter flights serve national parks and some major cities.

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