• Overland Travel

    Overland travel or overlanding refers to an “overland journey” – perhaps originating with Marco Polo’s first overland expedition in the 13th century from Venice to the Chinese court of Kublai Khan. Today overlanding is a form of […]

  • Travel Documents

    There can be a lot of paperwork that goes along with travelling. While what you need for a country varies with your citizenship and where you’re travelling, there are a few things that everyone must […]

  • Discount Cards

    Spend less… see more… Why pay full price when there are tons of cheaper options? There are tons of discount cards out there just waiting to save you money. But, hey, if you like wasting […]

  • Weather

    Nothing can ruin a trip faster than bad weather… You really don’t want to be in the tropics during monsoon season and you wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of the desert in […]