Random Bits

  • Sacred Travel

    Sacred travel, or metaphysical tourism, is a growing niche of the travel market. It attracts New Age believers, primarily middle-aged women, and involves tours and travel to “spiritual hotspots” on the Earth. Destinations are often […]

  • Clothing Size

    Shopping when your travelling can either be a fun experience or a truly tiring one – there is nothing like getting an Italian wool suit in Italy or a custom made suit in Hong Kong, […]

  • Travel Tips for Students

    Learn about the countries that you plan to visit. Before departing, take the time to do some research about the people and their culture, and any problems that the country is experiencing that may affect […]

  • Universal Human Rights

    December 10, 1948 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 217 A (III). Preamble Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights […]

  • Business Travel

    A business trip or official trip is a travel/journey caused by business necessities. The place of employment is left transitionally, e.g. to visit customers, suppliers or a trade fair to participate on congresses or seminars […]