• Prepaid Phone Cards

    There’s nothing worse than nagging parents, so keep them off your back and stay in touch. It’s relatively cheap to make international calls today, thus you really have no excuse. You can buy an international phone card […]

  • Snail Mail

    When you’re on the road, it can be nice to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Conversely, your folks will be happier if they know that it’s easy to get in touch […]

  • Travel Writing

    So you want to be a travel writer. It sounds like a dream job: free vacations to exotic far-off lands, a fat corporate credit card for paying all your expenses, a big paycheck as reward […]

  • Travel Books for Women

    Need inspiration for your next adventure? Here are some classic books by intrepid female travelers – all available in road friendly paperback. Travels With Myself and Another: A Memoir by Martha Gellhorn The glamorous war […]

  • TEFL

    One way to earn some money while you travel is to teach English. In many areas of the world the ability to speak English is a highly prized skill. It can enable people to travel, […]