• Routes

    Planning a Round the World trip? There are so many ways to go and so many places to visit… it can be a little daunting figuring out where to start. We suggest you get a […]

  • Backpacker Buses

    It is an annual phenomenon. Every year starting in spring and peaking in summer, hundreds of active and adventurous people grow huge, brightly-colored humps on their backs. It is backpacking season. Armed with maps, hiking […]

  • Work Visas

    There are numerous types of Work Visas out there and your ability to have a job depends on the terms. In some cases, countries offer exchange visitor programs designed to promote the interchange of persons, […]

  • Visas

    For all intensive purposes, a visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a passport that allows the bear to visit that foreign country. Pretty much, a visa is […]