No matter what time of the year you want to travel, there is always someplace beautiful and wonderful to see. Plus, it’s all a matter of attitude… If you’re looking for snow then don’t head to New Zealand from November-February or you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here’s our list of best places to visit in January…

Bangkok Benin
The Voodoo Festival is held on the 10th of January. The celebrations begin when the supreme voodoo priest slaughters a goat to honour the spirits, and are marked by much singing, chanting, dancing, beating of drums and drinking of gin.
Held over two days, the Bikaner Camel Festival is a homage to the humped ones. There are camel races, camel rides, camel tugs-of-war, a camel pageant, dancing camels, competitions for the best decorated camel and the best camel haircut, and even a camel beauty contest.
Cambodia Chiang Mai
Costa Rica Cuba
Ecuador Egypt
Guatemala India
The Desert Festival takes place under the full moon in the town of Jaisalmer. Dance, music, local contests and camel riding will take up your day.
Israel Jordan
Kenya Kuala Lumpur
Mexico Oman
Panay Island plays host to Ati-Atihan, a Mardi Gras type of festival lasting a week in January.
San Sebastian
At the stroke of midnight a flag is raised in Plaza de la Constitucíon and regiments of soldierly drummers begin parading through the resort town, banging and thumping at drums and barrels to celebrate (or wake from the dead) the city’s eponymous patron saint.
Seville Sri Lanka
Thailand Vietnam
Yemen Zanzibar