Our philosophy about travel is one that is easy to grasp. International travel beckons some while others remain blinded by their own surroundings. Travel the unbeaten path and stray away from using your guidebook as a bible… use your own judgment and inquisitive nature to make new discoveries – it’s half the fun of travel. Which encounter will teach you the most while staying in Punjab – drinking Kingfisher Lager with friendly agnostic Kiwis or sipping tea with friendly Indian Sikhs? Which will influence you most in Cuba – diving with a gregarious German college student or rumba dancing with a Havana granny… which are you most likely to remember in your old age? which are you most likely to share when you get home?

“A good traveler has no fixed plan and is not intent on arriving.”
-Lao Tze

While you may want to have a little more organization than that, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if you don’t. Most people keep to such a strict schedule in their lives that the notion of backpacking can be a little overwhelming. What are you supposed to do everyday? Anything and everything, When you’re on the road you learn to improvise your days – you take a second look at everything you see and learn not to obsess over your schedule. Travelling can be puzzling, intriguing or down right nerve wracking at the best of times, however, all the details of daily life that you ignored back home – the taste of a Coke, the sound of the radio, the smell of the air – will suddenly seem rich and exotic.

Don’t be intimidated by the seemingly intricate details of independent travel… Every major region of the world has independent travel circuits full of normal travelers just like you. While you’ll want to stray away eventually, it’s good to know you something to fall back on. Travelling by yourself is a very empowering thing as you will strengthen your independence and character. Meeting people seems to be easier and more of a priority when you travel solo. Travelling in groups can be just as much fun as you can pool your collective knowledge about a particular place and split costs. It’s important to find travel buddies with similar budgets, compatible interests and a sense of dependability. It’s important to be clear on money, sex, and destinations before you start travelling together.