You might think time travel has yet to be invented, but in Austria you can have your own Dr Who experiences, minus the daleks and alien danger. Swashbuckle your way around a castle armoury in the morning, consider contemporary art by afternoon. Ride an ultra-modern cable car by famed architect Zaha Hadid from the middle of a Renaissance old town – not quite the Tardis, but close. Shop in the chic, contemporary Kaufhaus Tyrol, then have coffee at Café Sacher, where imperial days come alive in chocolate and cream.

All this hopping between the centuries is just in Innsbruck, but you can do the same in Graz and Salzburg, and all within a compact 24 hours that ought to inspire your writing and make the most of your time. If you’re keen to describe Austria in more depth, we have itineraries that take you through 900 years of history in just three days amid the lovely scenery of Salzburgerland, Tirol or Styria.

Variety is the spice of good writing, and you’ll never be short of that in Austria. Fancy eating in a restaurant once frequented by Mozart, or in a chic glass cube on a mountaintop? Want to let your readers know where they can encounter medieval witches, 5000-year-old ice mummies or a modern-day friendly alien? Read on. You can indulge in shopping and strudel, unwind with wine and wellness, and explore history and culture. Then retire to our “Austria Collection” of highly select hotels for another authentic Austrian experience. In Austria, time travel is an indulgence and an inspiration, not a drama.